4 April 2015 – Another New Home in Amsterdam

Spring has come and it is time for us to leave the Sixhaven in Amsterdam. We are sad to say goodbye to our neighbours, who have also become our friends. Ivar spent the last 9 winters there, so it feels like leaving home. In his time there he witnessed the Sixhaven being transformed into energy-efficient and sustainable harbour. With pride winter harbourmaster Hennie shows us the LED lights used on the pontoons and the solar panels on top of the new shower and bathroom facilities.

The Sixhaven is saying goodbye to us with a stunning sunset. The next day we move a few miles West, to the Amsterdam Marina, our home for the next year. Shining new facilities, two bathrooms with bath tubs and views over the city, and still close to the city, as we discover when we take the new inflatable kayak for its maiden trip across the North Sea Channel. And a place to meet new neighbours and friends…


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