23 August 2015 – Sail Amsterdam

Ivar’s Memories
I was one year old when my parents took me to Sail Amsterdam – edition 1975. The city celebrated its 700th anniversary that year and decided to host a big maritime event. A fleet of historic tall sailing ships entered Amsterdam via the North Sea channel (Noordzeekanaal) in a parade. They moored in the IJ harbours for a few days, and opened up for visitors and events. Although my memories of this event are basically non-existent and my attendance only proven by some pictures and a story from my parents, Amsterdam never forgot the enormous success and popularity of this event. The city of Amsterdam decided to repeat this nautical event every five years, and I do remember visiting every edition after the first one. In 2010 I took Luci out for the event to see the tall ships – and join the party – from the water.

Keeping the Tradition Alive
To continue that tradition, we schedule to be there this year. We invite family and friends to join us in welcoming the tall ships on the first day, and waiving them goodbye on the last. With perfect weather conditions, it’s a truly great experience. Although it’s too busy to safely sail, we can see all tall ships comfortably. The 2015 edition attracts 2.3 million visitors, and is the biggest nautical event in Europe. It feels like every vessel in the country is present in Amsterdam these days! How nice to pass on this tradition to the next generation: our nephews, niece and our friends’ kids!

For all info see the official Sail Amsterdam website.


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