16 May 2015 – Reunion in Stavoren

Ascension is one of the few public holidays in the Netherlands. As it’s always on a Thursday, it’s perfect for a short sailing trip. For Ivar’s friends from his days as a sailing instructor in Friesland Ascension is synonymous with Stavoren – the city in Friesland where the meet each year for a reunion. Ivar missed the past few editions (not least because of the renovations to the boat), so as the boat is finally ready, we are not going to miss it again. We sail from Amsterdam to Enkhuizen for a pre-reunion with Feitze and Marjan, who cannot join the Stavoren gathering, and Erwin and Carol with their girls. We are treated to a wonderful day of sailing and an almost summer-like evening, which we spend enjoying the last aspargus of the season.

In tandem Erwin and Carol’s Waterraaf and Lucipara sail to Stavoren the next day. At least that’s the plan. We have to concede that Luci cannot keep the same course as Waterraaf and has to make wider tacks. We meet again in Stavoren, where half of the group has already arrived from all directions. It turns into an immensely gezellige day and evening with at least seven boats (or did Aelwyn bring two?), 15 adults and as many children. As the only couple without children, everyone gathers in Lucipara’s cabin once the spring evening is getting too cold and enjoys the heat from the wood stove (and the kruidenbitter).

We sail back the next two days via Hoorn, where we pick up friends to sail with us to Amsterdam after a delicious lunch at Marque’s.




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