Welcome to our video collection (in reverse chronological order).

9 December 2017: Our patrons on Patreon can view our vlog about our trip up and down the Adriatic Coast here.

2 December 2017: Solar energy even at night!? It’s possible in Spain.

19 November 2017: We leave Italy and sail to the Greek Island of Corfu, where we meet the SolarWave. This catamaran is fully powered by solar energy. In Albania we witness the opening of tourist facilities at a hiking path to promote sustainable tourism and meet the young people behind sustainable clothing brand Pitupi.

5 November 2017: Cork is the quintessential sustainable material, as we find out in the Algarve in Portugal. It’s natural, renewable and biodegradable. And it’s not only perfect as wine stopper…

23 October 2017: Islands, fires, vulcanoes and trees – Sicily and Calabria show us natural beauty, the forces of fire and the importance of reforestation. In Calabria we discover that young trees can survive thanks to Land Life Company’s COCOON, even in barren and hot conditions.

3 October 2017: We interview Fair Transport co-founder and Tres Hombres captain Andreas Lackner and learn that his company is about much more than shipping.

24 September 2017: What’s good for the mind, body and environment, yet addictive?

17 September 2017: Sardinia marked the beginning of our second year on the water in search of sustainable solutions. Friends and family visit us and we reunite with friends who are from Sardinia. They all spoil us rotten!

3 September 2017: In the Spanish Basque Country we visit the Mondragon Group, which is made up of 101 cooperatives. Their employees are owners, salaries and profits are fairly distributed, there is solidarity among cooperatives and education is held in high esteem. A model of social sustainability?!

29 August 2017: Meet Herbie, our windvane autopilot. And discover how it tirelessly steers our boat using wind energy.

14 August 2017: Elba, Corsica, Sardinia – three beautiful, yet different, islands. The summer has definitely arrived and we swim and hike a lot. We celebrate the completion of the first year of our world trip with a new flag.

1 August 2017: After her expedition to the North Pole and her trip with Dutch captains of industry to Svalbard, polar explorer and climate journalist Bernice Notenboom visits us in Sardinia. She has an inspiring and important message for the world.

27 July 2017: We sail from Nice to Le Grazie. Very slowly. We visit the Slow Food movement, and enjoy the beauty of Italy’s Ligurian coast. And we surely prefer water to be outside of the boat…

4 July 2017: For our sustainable solution “Eradicating Ecocide” we interview Polly Higgins, Lawyer for the Earth.

21 June 2017: We sail to Barcelona, where we meet family and get a taste of Slow Food. In France and Italy we research possibilities to grow grapes sustainably.

29 May 2017: We launched our Patreon page and made this video to explain what Patreon is and how you can become our patron!

6 May 2017: In England we visited Totnes, the home of the Transition Town movement. Find out how the community is growing food locally, reducing its carbon emissions and strengthening the local economy.

2 May 2017: A video impression of our stay on Ibiza

6 April 2017: In Scotland we learn how love and understanding in an “ecovillage” have built a community built on sustainability.

5 April 2017: From Málaga we sail along the Costa del Sol to Cartagena and from there to Ibiza.

17 March 2017: We sail from the Portuguese border via Gibraltar to Málaga.

8 March 2017: Marine Energy in Orkney.

19 February 2017: Winter sun in the Algarve.

2 February 2017: Norway gets 99% of its electricity from hydropower and stimulates electric transport. We drove in an electric car to the world’s first fully electric car ferry.

21 January 2017: Schurftplatting, or how to make “Baggy Wrinkles”

19 January 2017: The Portuguese West Coast

5 January 2017: Permaculture

16 December 2016: The Spanish Rías.

20 November 2016: Our Bay of Biscay crossing via France and Bilbao.

19 November 2016: Sweden was Europe’s first country to designate land as national parks. We visited its youngest national park, Kosterhavet.

2 November 2016: Insulation as a sustainable solution. We visit the world leader in stone wool insulation outside Rockwool and learn about the benefits of insulation and Danish building requirements.

31 October 2016: We visit friends on the Isle of Man, then sail to Cornwall and visit Totnes by train.

23 October 2016: Dolphins!


6 October 2016: Relive our month in Scotland!

5 October 2016: How is Copenhagen going to achieve its ambitious climate target to become carbon neutral by 2025? Check out our discovery tour of the Danish capital city, including our interview with Emil Damgaard Grann of Sustainia.

28 September 2016: An impression of the last part of our trip on the Caledonian Canal. We go down eight locks (Neptune’s Staircase), pass two bridges and two more locks to Corpach Basin.

13 September 2016: We are three months into our trip! Here’s the video of our time on the West Coast of Norway. Friends Mirjam & Jelle and Katherine joined us for different parts of the journey.

11 September 2016: A video impression of our sailing trip along the Norwegian South Coast, from Larvik to Mandal.

1 September 2016: In Denmark we visit the island of Samsø. Through engagement of the community and local ownership, the islanders managed to become energy independent with renewable energy. How did they achieve that and which challenges lie ahead?

26 August 2016: Our logbook update about our trip from Copenhagen to Larvik via the Swedish West Coast.

11 August 2016: Our excursion to the Kattendorfer Hof, Europe’s largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm.

2 August 2016: Our time in Germany and trip to Copenhagen via Samsø.

21 July 2016: Our shopping experience at Unverpackt in Kiel (Germany) and the message from founder Marie Delaperrière to you all.

26 June 2016: Our farewell party, departure from Amsterdam on 13 June 2016 (with Dutch renewable energy company Vandebron) and trip to Kiel (Germany):

23 June 2016: Our third video is about our own preparations.

19 June 2016: We published our second video, about the boat preparations.

12 June 2016: Our introductory video.