The Western free-market linear economy can perhaps best be described as a system where we “Buy stuff we don’t really need, using money we mostly don’t have, in order to impress people we don’t really like”. Add to that the depletion of natural resources, the increase of income and wealth inequality, the externalization of environmental pollution and social injustice from our economic measures, and the use of an exponential debt based – and largely privatized – money supply. The result is a system that requires exponential growth at all costs on a finite planet. This system is unsustainable from both an environmental and social perspective, and therefore designed for failure – if only it had been designed, of course. Mainstream economic thinking is fundamentally flawed for not taking into account the social and environmental boundaries of our living world.

The sustainable economic solutions we look for balance human needs with our natural environment. They conserve natural resources using renewable and circular principles, share wealth equally, include environmental and social elements in economic measures, or are based on alternative types of money.

See below the solutions we have visited for a sustainable economy.

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