Everything in nature is circular and regenerative. Sea water evaporates, forms clouds, descends to land as rain or snow, feeds plants and rivers. Forests and wetlands need water, but also store water and thereby help regulate our local climates and provide a place to live for numerous other plants and animals. Waste equals food. Food chains keep the numbers of animals in balance. All life on earth is linked.

Some mistakenly believe that we are separate from nature and assume our economy to deliver infinite growth of production and consumption. They seem to have forgotten that all the water, food and materials we process and use in our economy depend on healthy ecosystems. We over-harvest wood, fish, soil, groundwater and all other natural resources much faster than they regenerate. We also pollute our waters, oceans and atmosphere, further reducing ecosystems’ productivity. The alarming extinction rate of species should be seen as a warning: also human life depends on healthy ecosystems. The United Nations even stated in a 2021 report that humanity is committing suicide in slow-motion 

The sustainable solutions we look for concentrate on initiatives that prevent pollution, protect land and sea areas, practice regenerative harvesting, and restore damaged ecosystems.

Below are the solutions we visited to improve the health of the earth’s ecosystems.

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