You can follow us via Marinetraffic or Vessel Finder (and the respective apps), which are updated automatically through AIS. Note that if we are out of range (far from the coast and no vessel with satellite equipment nearby), you may not see us.


We left Amsterdam in June 2016. Our route is not definite yet and subject to weather conditions and sustainable solutions we want to visit. Nevertheless, we have a general plan: We have started in Scandinavia before heading to the Mediterranean. From there we plan to cross the Atlantic towards South America, and onwards across the Pacific to Oceania and Asia. Our final leg is to return to Amsterdam via Africa, Central- and North America.

On the map below (click to enlarge) you can see a our planned route (grey: optional).

Planned Route

Our route so far

Below is the actual route we have traveled so far. Click on the dots (places we stayed) or lines (sailing routes) to find out when we where there. Note that this is updated manually and irregularly, so it may not always show our most current location.

Potential sustainable solutions

We have identified potential sustainable solutions to visit. Below is an extract of our list of next destinations. The list evolves as we travel, make new contacts and learn about inspiring sustainable solutions that are worth highlighting. Feel free to suggest other sustainable solutions to us.

  • Kalamos (GRC): Restoring ecosystems with rewilding (visited)
  • Crete (GRC): Exploring olive oil (visited)
  • La Palma (ESP): Logical bananas (visited)
  • El Hierro (ESP): (Renewable) energy-independent island (visited)
  • Sal (CPV): Ecosystem restoration (visited)
  • Sal (CPV): Artificial reefs (visited)
  • São Vicente & Santo Antão (CPV): Recycled material use (visited)
  • Brazil (BRA): Food forests (visited)
  • New Zealand (NZL): Whanganui – a river with rights
  • Australia (AUS): Home of permaculture
  • Australia (AUS): Wave energy
  • China (CHN): Large-scale restoration of ecosystems
  • Bonaire (BES): Sea reserves
  • USA: Minimalism
  • USA: Green burials