Our route is subject to weather conditions and the location of sustainable solutions we want to visit. We left Amsterdam in June 2016, sailed to Scandinavia and then headed to the Mediterranean. After spending a year there, we crossed the Atlantic to Brazil (June/July 2018) and sailed along the coast of South America to Chile. After four months in Patagonia and a road trip by public transport through South America, we sailed into the Pacific Ocean. After stops in Robinson Crusoe Island, Rapa Nui, and Pitcairn, we reached French Polynesia. From there, we sailed non-stop to New Zealand. In 2022 we sailed to New Caledonia, Australia, and across the Indian Ocean. In 2023 we crossed the Southern Atlantic Ocean from Namibia to Brazil, thereby completing our circumnavigation of the planet.

The route we have traveled so far is marked in blue (and green for road trips) on the map. Click to activate the map and then on the dots (places we stayed) or lines (sailing routes) to find out when we were there. Note that this map is updated manually and irregularly, so it may not always show our most current location.

Our plan is to return to Amsterdam via the Caribbean and North America.


You can follow us via NOFOREIGNLAND and Marinetraffic (and the respective apps), which updates our position automatically through AIS. Note that if we are out of range (far from the coast or other boats), you may not see us or it will show an old position.

Feel like sailing too?

You don’t have to own a boat! Rent one through Boataround and support our foundation in the process.

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