Being able to repair our own sails and canvas helps to be more self-sufficient during our travels. But how to learn this?


Once we leave Amsterdam, our goal is to be as self-supporting as possible. Seasoned sailors will know that sails can and will tear on long sailing trips. We want to be able to repair our sails when that happens, so we call in the help of our friend Feitze, who co-runs a sailmaking business in Enkhuizen. Feitze and his colleague André made all of Lucipara’s sails and sail covers, so we know we will be in good hands. And they are some of the friendliest chaps you’ll ever meet.

On this Thursday evening we travel to Enkhuizen for our second lesson. After a delicious dinner at Marjan and Feitze’s, we head towards the harbour, where our own sewing machine is waiting for us. It was a big investment, but who knows, it may pay for itself on our trip. Tonight Toos joins us – she and Rolf will also be going on a sailing trip in 2016. Even more fun!

Stitches and Straps

During our first lesson we were introduced to our machine and made our first stitches on some straps (zeilbandjes). How proud we were! This time, we step up a gear and plan to make a canvas that will prevent us from falling out of the bed while sailing (slingerzeil). With Feitze’s help, we design and cut the right shape. Then it’s time to operate the sewing machine. We take turns and help each other remember tricks we learned last time. It’s very exciting to see our progress and to slowly see our canvas take shape. The enthusiasm grows – Floris hardly wants to stop! But Marjan’s apple cake convinces him that it’s time for a break. Mmmhh, lekker!

At the end of the evening, our project is finished. Another milestone (each baby step counts!). We travel back to Amsterdam with Toos, who managed to complete five straps. We are all energised from our successful lesson and can’t wait for our next one!

Thank you Feitze (and Marjan for taking such good care of us)!


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