Learn all about the more than 60 sustainable solutions that help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

Sustainability is...

… a way of living or doing things that respects other life, does not deplete the earth’s natural resources, and can be replicated by everyone. In other words, it’s a way of life that can be maintained into the infinite future. If a practice or technique meets those criteria, we call it a sustainable solution.

Sustainability concerns every aspect of our daily lives. In the way we produce and eat food, the way we generate electricity, the way we travel, the way we build houses, the way we create and spend money, the way we view and treat the natural world, even the way we relate to our fellow human beings. Our nine themes cover these different aspects and you can find each sustainable solution listed under its main theme.

Click on the theme to read some background info on the topic and click on an item to learn more about each sustainable solution.

The Dutch versions can be found here.

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