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Two sailors, Ivar & Floris, chronicle their sailing trip around the world in search of sustainable solutions for humanity and our planet.

The route will take us around the world to sustainable solutions that work in practice. The solutions are categorized in nine different themes, covering various environmental and social challenges the world faces today. We will research, visit, and report the solutions via our own media channels and our partners. By sharing the solutions, we will provide you with the necessary concepts and practical tools to make sustainable changes in your own communities. Traveling on wind energy, we left Amsterdam in June 2016. Click below for our introduction video.

Sailors for Sustainability #1 - Introduction



We all live in communities that have changed significantly in recent history.…


The climate on our planet has always been variable. However, these natural…


Everything in nature is circular and regenerative. Sea water evaporates, forms clouds,…


The Western free-market linear economy can perhaps best be described as a…


In the wake of globalization and increased material wealth, individualism and capitalism…


Humanity has always turned to the sun for its energy needs, directly…


Modern transportation for both goods and people is heavily (93%) dependent on…


The houses in which we live and the commercial buildings in which…


Modern agriculture has provided plenty of safe and cheap food to many of us…

Recent Sustainable Solutions

Electrified Norway (NOR)

Electrified Norway (NOR)

Electrified Norway - How hydropower generates electricity for electric driving and the world’s first fully electric car ferry.

Recent Logbook Entries

8 February 2017 – Around the Rock

8 February 2017 – Around the Rock

Rio Guadiana (PRT) – Málaga (ESP) Stuck on the sand BAM! Luci’s…
16 January 2017 – Winter sun in the Algarve

16 January 2017 – Winter sun in the Algarve

Lisbon (PRT) – Rio Guadiana (PRT) Further South “Oh that awful smell… shall…
27 December 2016 – The Portuguese West Coast

27 December 2016 – The Portuguese West Coast

Islas Cíes (ESP) – Lisbon (PRT) Impressive speeds Countless stars brighten a…
2 December 2016 – Hiking in the Spanish Rías

2 December 2016 – Hiking in the Spanish Rías

Cape Finisterre (ESP) – Islas Cíes (ESP) Exploring Finisterre Judging by the…